De Gibraltar a la Atlántida

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•Area: 5300 km2, the main island.

•Disappearance: 5500 B.C.

•Sea levels before flood:

•Atlantic Ocean: -17m

•Mediterranean Sea: -95m

•Black Sea: -60m

Direct evidences:

•The great deltas sunk beneath the surface of Mediterranean Sea that suggest that this sea became stabilized at 90 -100 m deep.

•Rest of beaches in Black Sea at 60 m deep.

•The threshold of Strait of Dardanelles situated at 60 m deep.

•The evidences of carbon 14, realized on the sediment of Black Sea, determinate that this one has changed the salinity suddenly about 5500 B.C.

Indirect evidences:

•Similarity between languages Basque-Iberian, Etruscan and Berber, only can justificate supposing the existence of isthmus in Strait of Gibraltar.

•Prohistory: The lonics mercenaries (coming from Cyclades islands) which settled in Sais VII B.C. should have taken the legend to Egypt. Platoon was inspired by that legend doing his critic of politic of his time.

•Mythology: The legend on which Hercules had broken down of Gibraltar’s isthmus, probably was based on real factors.

•Herodotus: Apart from Columns of Hercules founded in the Strait of Gibraltar quotes other Column of Hercules placed between Peloponnese and the Creta Island.

Atlantis map


The salinity change in the Black sea can only be explained with an isthmus in the Strait of Gibraltar that will last until near the end of the last glaciation. The possibility that the isthmus was broken in the Pliocene and reshaped again is impossible without the intervention of plate tectonics. Since the tides raised by the flows prevent the deposition of sediments, so their only remaining was possible because the sediments were sealing the fracture that was causing at that time while it was producing.

The Isthmus enabled the Mediterranean Sea level stabilized at about 90-100 m deep, while that for millennia, the level of the Atlantic ocean was between 130 and 17 meters deep. The isthmus during this period reached a maximum width of 30 km, coinciding with the peak of glaciation, decreasing later, although gaining in height until the acceleration of global warming and sea level rise (amounted to an estimated rate of about 2 cm / year), did it broke the isthmus and the Atlantic Ocean violently broke first in the Mediterranean and later in the Black Sea, where they suddenly change salinity changing from a freshwater lake to a sea of salt water.

The large island of Atlantis, which was formed in the Aegean Sea, suddenly disappeared during the great flood, sea level rising about 78 m, plus 17 m to the current level, which soon achieved some 1500 years. The central and southern plains of the great island disappeared beneath the waves in two or three days because of its small altitude, even though the rest of the island soon disappeared about 35-40 days, the Black Sea took more than a year to fill. In 4000 BC the sea was already stabilized and can terminate the glaciation. Atlantis leaving only the highest peaks, in the other words, actual Cycladic islands, where the oral tradition had to keep the legend until it was collected in Egypt.